Mahogani's Wristband Hand Sanitizer
  • Mahogani's Wristband Hand Sanitizer

    • HAVE YOUR SANITIZER CLOSE BY - Mahogani's wristband hand sanitizer dispenser come with small container in which you pour sanitizer. It attaches perfectly to the outside of the wristband, preventing you for having to search your purse to clean your hands.
    • REUSABLE & ECO FRIENDLY - They are washable, the designs are fun and playful. They hold the little bottle perfectly so it won’t fall out when you are carrying. The best part is all these containers are re-usable and thus eco-friendly.
    • CONVIENT & EASY TO CARRY - The size of these hand sanitizer bracelet is perfect for on the go use. Attach it to yours and your kids’ wrist. It’s easy to refill and won't open unless you want to.
    • ADORABLE & GREAT QUALITY - The wristbands are well constructed, which will hold up to the abuse of a kid. The color distinction makes it easy to know which product you are looking for. Just add sanitizer and attach each bottle to your kid’s wrist, they will never forget to bring hand sanitizer when they go outside.
    • EXCELLENT GIFT - With all this sanitary situation is better to take precautions. Get a few of these sets and pass them out to all the kids in your kid’s class to keep your child from getting it. Give these to your family and friends to fight off the evil.
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      The Mahogani Wristband has an appearance of just a regular wristband. Just press the logo and hold for as much disinfectant as you need.

      You can either squirt the hand sanitizer into your palm by pushing your hand forward while pressing the button, or press the button when your hand is pushed back to spray it onto any object you need it on for instant disinfecting.

      They say 80% of bacteria and viruses are transferred to your body via your hands, so it only makes sense to carry around disinfectant anywhere you go, especially when there's a pandemic going on! The unique wrist band disinfectant sprayer is perfect for use at home, at work, on the go, while traveling, and more.


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